Mention the word “insurance” and most of us “sigh” heavily or utter a “groan”.  At Full Circle, we understand the hassles and confusion insurance can create in the counseling process.   That’s why we offer you freedom of choice; you choose if you want to:

  • Use your insurance
  • Use your HSA/Flex spend accounts or
  • Use our private pay option to guarantee total confidentiality
  • YOU decide and WE are happy to help you figure out what is most cost effective and the best choice for you and your particular needs.

From the first call through the final session, we will provide easy to follow directions to help you understand the details of your particular insurance.

And Full Circle believes in full transparency of pricing; you will never have to guess or estimate what your fees will be; we guarantee you will know in advance what your portion of the cost will be to avoid any “surprise” bills in the future.

Come experience “freedom” from insurance confusions and hassles at Full Circle Counseling Services.

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It’s difficult to keep up with all the changes with insurance in the health care world; let us help you make sense out of the confusion!   It’s our goal at Full Circle to ensure you are getting the best possible care for your health care dollars without any unnecessary risks to your confidentiality.

Because one size rarely fits all, we do our best to offer as many financial options as possible to our clients.  Use your insurance, choose private pay and decide what level of counselor is a good fit for your budget.

Prevention is slowly entering into the health care world; preventions saves dollars and makes sense!  Learn more about how Full Circle is working hard to integrate prevention into the world of mental health.