I’m not sure if I need counseling; isn’t it best just to handle issues myself?

The relationship we have with ourselves and our relationships with others are perhaps the most important factors in creating a happy and fulfilling life. Despite our independence and self-reliance we simply can’t be very objective about ourselves. We can’t see as clearly from the inside looking out as a counselor can quickly and easily see our patterns and relationship dynamics from the outside looking in. As a skilled, trained and experienced “student of human nature” a counselor sees through a lens that is, more objective, clear, non-judgmental and unbiased. Counseling provides a unique kind of objectivity you can not get anywhere else.

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Can’t I just talk to friends or family and let them help me with my problems?

A support system in life is essential, and friends and family can be an important part of that system. But friends and family have an emotional connection to you; a past, present and likely a hoped for future with you. As such, they can not be objective because they have a personal and vested interest in you and your life decisions and directions. “Who you are” and “how you are” may affect them personally, and therefore their support of you and advice for you are couched in that reality and limited to their necessarily biased viewpoint.

A counselor by design, has no other connections to you than her/his role as your counselor, thus your counselor supports and facilitates change that are strictly in your best interest. In addition, counselors are trained to not let their own life experiences, values or viewpoints interfere with helping you uncover what is best for you.

 A unique environment and relationship to help you “get there sooner”…

The whole counseling process, from the confidentiality to the uni-directional helping role of the counselor is set up to create more efficient, more expansive self-awareness than any other “real life” relationship can provide. Taking advantage of the counseling relationship as a client means you can create greater self-awareness, and make positive life changes that much sooner in your life.

Leap like a lunatic over the chasm below, erupting as you go, your true self awaits you ~ now you wil know!

~Jane Evershed

Training: Listening Skills, a broad knowledge base and years of experience to share

In addition, a good counseling session is different than a talk with a good friend. Though your friend might listen, your counselor is a trained and skilled listener who works hard to really “hear” what you are saying in order to best guide you toward solutions. Listening is a trained skill set, one that takes years to hone. For example, though you may be able to cook or build a bit, undoubtedly unless it’s your full time job, you are not at the level of a gourmet chef or a custom carpenter or builder. Like chefs who feed us and builders who shelter us, careful, intuitive, trained listening can nourish and strengthen us, fill us and fortify our sense of self and create increased understanding and happiness in our daily lives. The guided listening that effective counselors use often helps us hear our own solutions to life’s dilemmas.

The seasoned counselors at Full Circle have years of experience and wisdom in a wide variety of areas, including, anxiety and stress reduction, depression, relationship and couple counseling, family dynamics, ADHD support, LGBTQ issues including HRT and the transitioning process for transgendered clients, and so much more. We have skill sets to teach you to help reduce anxiety and depressive symptoms, relationship skills and tips to help strengthen intimacy and increase joy. We offer resources so you can continue your learning about self and life long after your 50 minute sessions have ended.

I am so busy…what if I don’t have time to go to counseling?

The short answer to this question is “make some time”. Whatever is important to us in life we make time to do. But too often in this hyper-paced, go-go world, we usurp all our time and energy running on the gerbil wheel of life, with no down-time for any introspection. Just “jumping off the gerbil wheel” that we all get stuck on can be the first step toward greater awareness. We need the time and safe space to pause, to tune into our thoughts and emotions, to deliberately move toward greater self-awareness and understanding of others.

Often those most in need of change, will lament that they “don’t have time for counseling”…yet if you don’t take time for self-reflection, personal growth is simply not possible.

If I go to counseling, it must mean something is “wrong” with me…

Actually, it means something is very right with you. It means that you are courageous enough to ask for direct and honest feedback and less afraid of change than those that forego counseling because they “don’t need it”. It means that you want to “get there” sooner, wherever “there” is for you. It means that you want to create and experience more joy, happiness, love, connection and peace in your life, and you are willing to invest your time and energy to make that happen.

Long gone are the days when counseling only addressed mental illness. Counseling is about recognizing strengths and weaknesses, building on assets and making positive life changes. Counseling is about a healthier, happier, more empowered and fulfilling life for you. Making that call to get your counseling process started means you are willing to work toward greater health and wellness…good for you!

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We are almost always connected, but have trouble truly connecting.  We have 324 “friends” but we are still lonely.  Every moment of our overly busy days is filled, but we somehow feel empty.

There is no better time than now, in this warp-speed, high-tech world, to unplug, slow down and re-connect to yourself and to others.  Individual counseling provides the space and time to increase awareness of your cognitive, emotional, behavioral and spiritual self…come explore, learn and grow into a happier, healthier self at Full Circle.

Life changes and transitions, financial stressors, trust issues, addiction, mental health issues,  raising children, in-laws, sickness, work issues and time pressures…the list is endless…but all can be contributors to relationship difficulties.   No wonder relationships can become complicated, confusing and get stuck.  Without time, attention and nurturing, relationship connections can fade or even die.

Couples counseling at Full Circle can help you improve communication, increase intimacy, create greater understanding and learn tools and skills for a happier, more fulfilling relationship.

When you are struggling it’s helpful to know you are not alone.  Together we can move forward in support, understanding and healing.  The psycho-educational support groups at Full Circle allow you to connect with others experiencing similar life difficulties, and simultaneously gain important information, tools and coping skills.

Lead by a trained professional, you can be sure you will feel heard, understood and truly supported and leave each group each meeting with helpful knowledge, insights and resources.

Looking into the eyes of others, allowing them to be a mirror, we can learn some of life’s most important lessons about ourselves.  If you are struggling to connect in healthy ways to others, psycho-therapeutic group counseling can be that mirror.

Unlike support groups, there is no educational topic to focus on; the opportunity for group interaction and sharing, direct and honest feedback is the focus.  Group sessions happen within a safe, warm and accepting environment to provide maximum opportunities for awareness, insight and personal growth.  Healthier, more satisfying connection is just a group session away at Full Circle.