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We cannot become what we need to be by remaining what we are.

~ Max DePree

Problems can derail us on our life’s journey. It can be difficult to navigate through all the fast-paced, multi-tasking stressors we encounter every day. This is especially true for women, who are pulled in so many different directions and too often make time to give care to everyone, except themselves. This can result in a whole host of issues including:

  • Anxiety, panic attacks,
  • Feeling scattered, overwhelmed
  • Low energy, fatigue and exhaustion
  • Depression that manifests as irritability, emptiness and lack of fulfillment
  • Sleep issues, insomnia/night waking or excessive sleepiness
  • Lack of joy or daily pleasure
  • Reduced sex drive; loss of libido
  • Emotional eating/over-eating
  • Unhealthy and unfulfilling relationships and/or relationship patterns
  • Past abuse/childhood issues surfacing that need to be processed and healed through
  • Chronic mother “guilt” that can accompany the pulls of combining work and family
  • Feeling unsupported and carrying too heavy of a load at home and/or at work
  • Dependent or co-dependent tendencies within relationships
  • Lack of self-care, nurturing and downtime/relaxation time

I believe each of us has our own path to walk in life, and I believe we intuitively know which direction to take. Too often though, our inner sense of knowing is drowned out in the rush of life; sometimes, we simply don’t slow down enough to acknowledge, recognize or heed our intuitive wisdom. Other times our intuitive knowing is quickly discounted by the traditional medical model of health care.

The Feminist-holistic counseling offered exclusively at Full Circle Counseling Services, means your voice as a woman is valued; your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wisdom is honored.

  • At Full Circle, we help you remember that you are the real expert when it comes to your body, your mind and your spirit.
  • We encourage you to take responsibility for your own wellness.
  • We emphasize healing from within, to elicit lasting change.

At Full Circle Counseling Services, we empower women to discover and embrace their authentic selves, to determine what they really want in life and to realize their dreams.

What initially attracted me to Full Circle was the private setting. Not having to hassle with insurance companies became an added bonus for me. What kept me coming back to Full Circle to do the work I needed to do was the therapist, Julie Fischer. Julie is so in tune with issues women face today and has incredible skill and experience as a counselor. Her presence is so very comforting and real; it took only a short time for me to trust enough to share my most difficult thoughts and feelings. That process has freed up much needed energy for me and has created lasting changes in myself and my most important relationships. I encourage women who are facing some of the stress, challenges and transitions we all face to seek counseling; the value of personal growth cannot be measured. I personally would recommend Julie and the Full Circle setting to anyone seeking a healthier perspective on life.

Former Full Circle Client