Personalized, High Quality Mental Health Care

In today’s mental health care industry, you can too easily become just another “diagnosis” to be quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively “treated”. It has become “routine business” for mental health counselors to see 35-40 clients each week.

Full Circle Counseling Services believes there is a healthier, more effective way to meet your counseling needs. We focus on quality care, limiting the number of clients seen each week, in order to ensure adequate time to address your individual circumstances and needs. At Full Circle Counseling Services, we are committed to providing the personalized, one-on-one care you deserve, together with the time, attention and knowledge you need to move toward long-term healing, health and happiness.

Listen to the wind…
it talks.
Listen to the silence…
it speaks.
Listen to your heart…
it knows.

~Native American Proverb


Unlike the disease-based medical model of therapy which focuses on pathology, we provide counseling that is wellness-based ~ a holistic growth-oriented process. Feminist-Holistic counseling means your voice is valued; your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wisdom is honored.

The counseling process does not need to include a diagnosis to be successful. Most people come to counseling to work through “life issues” and most often, due to insurance requirements, those same people leave labeled with a mental illness. While at times a diagnosis can be helpful in providing useful information, it can often be a limiting, disempowering, negative label in one’s life.

It is possible to get support without being labeled or diagnosed. With understanding, support and quality personalized care, you can create the life you have always wanted. I will be your guide as you journey toward self-discovery, healing and empowerment.

Guaranteed Confidentiality

As a privately owned and operated agency, Full Circle is able to offer you the highest level of confidentiality possible. When you choose the convenient private pay option, the information you share in the counseling process need not be shared with any insurance companies, HMO’s or other administrative, billing or office personnel. You can rest assured that your most personal, private information remains completely confidential.

At Full Circle you will find…

  • A private comfortable, confidential office setting in a peaceful, natural, relaxing environment
  • A caring, attentive counselor with the time and knowledge to help you move in the direction of healing, health and happiness
  • Quick, easy access to appointments