who you are vs what you do

In a world that pushes us to do more…consider doing less.  Because who you are in each precious moment is infinitely more important than how many items you check off your “to do” list.

Your “to do” list is never-ending and anxiety producing.  But what if you replaced your “to do” list with something calmer, something more centered on “being” rather than doing?  What if you replaced your “to do” list with a “to be” list?  What if you chose to be more patient, more kind, a better listener, a practitioner of good self-care, a calmer soul.  What if you were to choose just one “to be” goal (to be calm or patient for example) and let that impact and inform each of your daily tasks on your to do list?

This philosophy harkens back to the work of Stephen Covey who said “Most of us spend too much time on what is urgent and not enough time on what is important.”  It feels urgent to leave right now to get those groceries…but is that errand more important than taking 5 minutes to really listen and connect to your child as she talks about her day at school to or really pay attention to your partner as he talks about his day at work?  You could choose to be a patient parent or partner and a good listener in that moment, or race off to complete the shopping errand…your choice.

It feels necessary to load that dishwasher right now…but is that “urgent” task more important than taking 15 minutes to meditate and gain calm, peace and insight?  You could choose to be a more relaxed and conscious person via mediation or prioritize sparkling clean dishes…again, your choice.

You could power walk through your neighborhood to get that exercise checked off your list, or you could choose to “be”…and really hear the sounds of nature, feel the sunshine on your face,  and smell the freshness of the late summer air.  Same exercise, completely different impact on your mind, your emotions, your entire being.

Choosing to “be” is a state of mind..it’s about remembering what really matters to you and living from those priorities as often as you can. It’s about slowing down rather than speeding up.  It’s about changing those lists from tasks and errands and projects to ways of being a healthier, happier person regardless of what task lies in front of you.

“Being” is more challenging than “doing” in this production-oriented world we live in  … but start revamping your list today with one new “way of being” as a focus, and I promise you will create a better and happier tomorrow for yourself and for all those around you!

Happy “being”!!