Feeling stuck? Relationship problems? Dissatisfied with your life?

Full Circle Counseling Services can help.

Over 40 years of research and over 1000 findings now prove how important the therapeutic relationship between counselor and client is in the counseling process. (source: Scott D. Miller, PhD) That’s why, since 1999, Full Circle Counseling Services has been providing personalized, high quality care in the Fox Valley, treating each client with the utmost consideration and respect.

Looking for a counselor can be difficult. You want a counselor who is not only effective, but also a good fit for you. In this day of fast-paced, high-cost, impersonal health care, you don’t want to settle for being just another number…

You want to be treated like a unique individual with specific wants and needs. If you’re looking for the kind of personalized mental health care that counselors used to provide years ago…welcome to Full Circle Counseling Services.

We offer a unique blend of scientifically researched counseling skills and tools, alongside a broad knowledge base of feminist – holistic techniques and options. We offer individual counseling, couples / marriage counseling, group counseling, anxiety/stress reduction, and support groups. We specialize in women’s issues, supporting families with children diagnosed with ADHD and supporting the LGBTQ community, including HRT letters for transgender clients wanting to transition.

With offices in both Appleton and New London, Wisconsin, we can provide counseling to people throughout the Fox Valley.

Individual Counseling


Needing to make a change in life, but unsure how?

The counseling at Full Circle is as warm, inviting and understanding as it is effective. We listen intently and offer feedback, perspective and insight, gently and directly. The roots of our counseling process begin with empowering clients with feminist-holistic counseling, continue with supporting and facilitating client growth, and end with beautiful, blooming, lasting change in clients’ lives.

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Couples / Marriage Counseling

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Feeling stuck and confused in your relationship? Uncertain how to move forward?

Couples counseling can help provide the perspective and clarity you need to create healthier, more connected and fulfilling relationships. At Full Circle we can help provide greater clarity in the decision-making process about the future of your relationship and/or family. We can help you identify and change relationship dynamics, teach you effective communication and conflict resolution skills, increase intimacy and help you grow together in love.

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Counseling for Women


Feeling scattered, overwhelmed and unfulfilled?

Past and current societal expectations of women create a specific set of issues unique to women, often leaving women feeling pushed and pulled and out of touch with themselves. Full Circle is the first and only counseling agency in the Fox Valley specializing in women’s counseling. Our counselors are experts at offering not only solutions at an individual level, but broader awareness and greater understanding at the cultural and societal level. Your voice is heard, your wisdom honored and your chosen path is the path we walk with you toward greater health and wellness.

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Feminist Holistic Counselors

The Full Circle Mission:

“Healing, Health and Happiness through Empowerment”

“Our belief is that we each have within us the ability to contribute unique and valuable gifts to the world, and the wisdom to heal, grow, change and realize lasting health and happiness.

Our mission is “Healing, Health and Happiness through Empowerment.”

We strive to awaken you to your own intuitive wisdom, to reconnect you to your own unique abilities, and to empower you to reach your fullest potential, so you can begin to live the extraordinary life you were meant to live.”

Julie Fischer

Founder of Full Circle

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